Our feature made it into the Sept/Oct issue of ROCK N' ROLL BRIDE magazine! Visit  rocknrollbride.com  to purchase a copy!

Our feature made it into the Sept/Oct issue of ROCK N' ROLL BRIDE magazine! Visit rocknrollbride.com to purchase a copy!


“Jaimie's work is perfection. We could tell it was a going to be great minutes into our engagement shoot - she immediately puts you at ease and her direction is natural, simple, and quick with stunning results. Doubly so for the day of. Jaimie kept us on schedule, kept us laughing, and with the help of her assistant, seemed to be everywhere at once with not a moment missed. This woman works hard to create breathtaking images, and everyone we've shared them with has commented on her beautiful storytelling! Her style speaks for itself but here's me saying it again: amazing!!!


By divine guidance and shear luck; I discovered Jaimie and her art on Instagram. I was searching for a photographer that was not just in the wedding photography industry to make money, but in the industry because they wanted to express their creative passion thru different outlets (wedding photography being one) let's just say I about cried when I found out she was available for our wedding date. I couldn't imagine a better person to have been photographing our special day! She's extraordinary people! She is far more talented then most out there, especially for the area. Her ability to let the natural world speak for itself while also illuminating the true beauty of her subjects is truly amazing to be a part of . We chose Jaimie because we didn't want just well photographed pictures from our wedding day. We wanted art. Art to hang on our walls for decades to come and to be passed down for generations to come. And that is truly what we have received with Jaimie! We love her! And we know you will to!


If you’re looking for a photographer with a true, natural and artistic eye, Jaimie is your girl! We stumbled upon some photos from a wedding near the cottage that we would be having ours and loved the photography so much that we went on a hunt to find the photographer. We were thrilled when we found out that Jaimie was available and close enough to make it. We did engagement photos and wedding photos with Jamie and have SO many that we love and will cherish forever!!


We came upon Jaimie by chance after we needed to switch photographers. She was recommended by someone who was not available, and I am so happy that it happened the way it did. Jaimie delivered gorgeous photos of the entire day that make me feel like I'm back there. She was wonderful to work with, and we are so so happy with her!